Klan Destino

 Klan Destino



Klan Destino was created on June 5, 2001 when Yamil Zamora Marin (Flaco Marin) left the music group called Clave Cuba and decided to make a team where the main goals were Caribbean music mixed with Cuban flavor. Them, he joins some streets friends and created this group were his meaning in Spanish language is a gang where friendship it’s the first step. One of the newest members was Yusniel Carrion Cobas (Kachao Man) gave his fanatic sense in the Rap lyrics and the musics dance to make a unique style making the group stronger than ever.

Unfortunately, the higher productions cost and the small funds made that some groups members left the group causing a severe transformation. Since then, after a hard selection, they acquired a new member called Felix Isaguirre Bazconcelo (Tiger), with excellent professional and physical qualities, giving to Klan Destino the right balance to conquer the greatest fans.