Triangulo Oscuro

 Triangulo OscuroTriangulo Oscuro




Triangulo Oscuro can be surely defined a group of RAP. They have been able to mix this genre with Caribbean rhythms as salsa, rumba, conga, merengue, kizomba, mambo, reggae, cumbia, samba and  son, reaching a very original and personal result, able to easily reach the public that listens and dances with a lot of pleasure. Being young and full of dynamis,m on the stage they succeed in easily involving the public during their presentations.

Triángulo Oscuro was formed in 1997 after various attempts of fusion with other groups. In the same year they participate in the Cuban Festival of Rap getting the fourth place among the 123 present groups and from this moment they have begun to be successful in the whole island of Cuba. Their first record production, realized with the Cuban record label EGREM is entitled “A moverse”,  and it is a total invitation to dance or as they tell them “a guarachar  a lo cubano”