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The famous Cuban artist Eddy-K (Eduardo Mora Hernández), is born on February 3th,1977 at Havana, City, in the popolar district “Los Pocitos”, Marianao. From child, even if he has not been able to study music in any specialized school, day for day learn to know about music directly on the road in the district of the Cuban Popular Music. He has familiarized a lot with the Rumba, the Guaguancó, the Timba, the Salsa, etc… and obviously with the North American Urban Music as the Hip Hop, and with the influential urban movement of the Rap of Portorico and Panama.

All this has formed Eddy-K and the great musicality that characterizes this artist. At 20 years old he has begun to write his first songs of Rap, and November 15 th, 1997 officially begins its artistic life as professional. Only one year later, thanks to his texts, the originality of his music, and to the dynamism and the explosion of his interpretations on the stage, it reaches the success in the world of the Cuban reggaeton and it begins to be famous with a proper style, among all the other exponents of the Rap in Cuba.

The sonority, together with the maturity reached in the artistic career of this rapper, and to his creative talent to mix with success Reggaeton with the Cuban Popular Music and other Latin and Caribbean rhythms, with a very special and different flow, all this have done that Eddy-K  became a national star in the history of the Urban Music to Cuba. The boom of Eddy-K attracts the maximum Cuban musical exponents of other genres like the Salsa, the Timba, the Balada, the Pop and the Traditional Music, with which the famous Cuban rapper has done many “featuring” that its popularity has increased, besides also the organs of information and diffusion as the Press, the Radio, the TV, interested in to promote the artist. Beginning from this moment starts a lot of record proposals international tours in Europe, Center America, Mexico, etc…

With around 100 songs and a lot of admirers and admirers out and inside Cuba and a nonstop artistic life and of success for more than 10 years, Eddy-K it is down a national legend and it becomes the leader of the Movement Urbano to Cuba.

Currently, beginning from March of 2008, he live in Miami City, Florida, USA, together with Dj.Tony (José Anthony Suárez Torres), that this important rapper has accompanied since 2001, and the two ere working in record studios in the mix of the last record production of Eddy-K entitled “Asalto”, belong to the catalog of the prestigious Record Company “Premium Latin Music”, that will be  entrusted of the promotion of the cd in all the Countries of the world.

“Asalto” of Eddy-K, without doubts, will be a big success in the Market of the International Urban Music.