Cubaton Project


 CUBATON PROJECT – 2005 /2008


Intro – What is Cubaton?

CUBATON” evolved from the words ‘Cuba‘ and ‘Reggaeton‘. CUBATON is Reggaeton “a lo cubano” but more melodic and stylish. It’s an intoxicating mix of music as well as a hot, passionate dancing style from Cuba.

CUBATON is sexy, wild and powerful but also smooth and erotic, just like PERREO, the dance that goes with it. Both originated in Latin America in the early 90s. Daddy Yankee was responsible for the Reggaeton-fever as he released his top hit “Gasolina” (2005). Europeans have been shaking their butts to the crazy sounds of Latin American rhythms ever since. The butt is actually the center of attention during this dance. The vigorous shaking of the female body, as the deified backside is called in Latin America, is compulsory for PERREO.

CUBATON is a mix of Reggae, Dancehall, Hispanic Hip Hop, Rap and European Club music, influenced by Cuban rhythms and culture, with intense beats and striking voices. CUBATON came out of poor Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, where in its backyards, young musicians tinkered with new beats, lyrics and vocals, inspired by Sean Paul, Bob Marley, Daddy Yankee or Don Omar to develop their own style: CUBATON.

CUBATON has provoked a real music revolution. It can heard on the streets and clubs of contemporary Cuba, to which its people dance Perreo. Europeans automatically link Cuban music with Salsa, Merengue, Cha-cha-cha and Mambo or, more recently, the Son, as played by the masters of the Buena Vista Social Club. However, today’s younger generation is listening CUBATON, which is dominating the Cuban charts.

None of the many new bands and artists have managed to achieve international breakthrough so far, though. In Cuba, these wild, young musicians play in front of huge crowds, where as in Europe their music is only known in parts of Italy or Spain. Until now, these outstanding artists have mostly been ignored by the international music business.