Javier Voltaje

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Javier Voltaje was born and grown in the Cuban capital and he has already debut from teen-ager in the group “Montes de Espuma “. In the year 2000, creates the group Clan 537. “This group has marked forever the Cuban music because he has been the first time that  the Cuban rap was listened to international level.” In his songs there were present thematic of the street and social that they often made a lot of sensation as it happened with the track “Quien tirò la tiza”, that has been never promoted in any Rdio or Cuban TV. Among the hits of the band we also remember the track “Corazón de hielo”, that has allowed o the group to travel in Europe. Among the various recognitions in Europe we remember a tribute received in Italy q equivalent  to the Italian Grammy as “Best Salsa Rap Song” with the track “Quien tirò la tiza.” They have also been invited in many Latin Festivals where they were present also Marc Anthony, Oscar D’León, Orishas, Aventura, Jovanotti, Eros Ramazotti and many others. After 2 tours in Europe where they visit  23 Countries, Javier decides to remain in Italy where it begins to work again.

To terminate his work with Sony Music, Voltaje sell the name of the Clan 537 and  join him to Baby Lores, El Insurrecto and Tiralo Ale to make a new disk and finishes his production to Cuba. From this new cd many tracks were hits like “La mujer del pelotero” and “Había una vez.. la caperucita.” It immediately begins with two new projects: the first one is one solo disk and then the creation of a record label for the discovery of new talents. “We have created this record label and this company for the production to discover new artists of the street and to help them to improve their life and to ransom their human values”, explains the record producer of Metamorphosis Music Production. Javier has in his catalog the new star of the reggaeton: Anthony A, a little boy of only 10 years that it could be a new talent of the genre. “It has a big talent”, assures Voltaje, adding “we are working with the team of Tiralo Ale(Ex Clan 537), a Cuban musical producer, that for the island of Cuba has been like Luny Tunes for the United States.

It is available on the market his new cd “Apretando el pitcheo” where the reggaetón is combined with hip-hop and salsa, everything in Spanish. “It has constructive tracks, without violence, without tiraderas (quarrels in the texts of the songs with other interpreters of the genre)” says Javier, affirming that its interest is that to use the music as a message for the young people. Themes like love stories, betrayals, false friends, money and also God have a space in the inspiration of Javier Voltaje, a “genius”, that  is transforming the reggaetón until to convert t in a ”channel” to gives positive messages to the whole new generation.