Eddy-K (2005)




EDDY-K – 2008

Eddy-K was born on November 15th, 1997 in Havana City. They began as a duo formed by Edoardo Mora (Eddy) and Kleyolis (K). In the year 1998 Kleyolis goes out of the group and enters Jeorge Francisco Hernández Carvajal (Jorgito). In that times the duo make exhibitionswith various musicians and after one year they decided to follow the the line as a group and so decide to compose a track for a transmission of the Cuban Tv.

 In the year 2000 enter in the group Damián Aguirre Peréz (Deep Drama), that gives a new stamp to the music of Eddy-k group, with his melodic voice. In 2001 enter to be member of the group il  Dj José Antonio Suárez Torres (Dj Tony) that wonf a lot of competitions of dj’s in that times.

 In 2003 they are guests in Great Britain to the Festival Urbano and in 2004 they record the first track of reggaetón “Mujeres”, that brings them to be known from the Cuban public with a great success.

 All the tracks that they recorded as promo in this year, will be “number one” in the Cuban Hits Parades, and they convert the group as a national phenomenon, known also outside of Cuba, considering that in 2005 the record label Ahi-Nama sign a contract with them and in the first days of the year 2006 publish the first CD of Eddy-K entitled Aquí Estan Los Cuatro and also the first videoclip of the same track(Aquí Estan Los Cuatro),directed by Jimmy Maslon, president of the record label Ahi-Nama.

 Eddy-K has collaborated in many tracks of famous artists and groups Charanga Habanera, Haila,Cristian e Ray Alonso. they have hads also  3 nominations (Hip Hop / Rap Disco. Design and Opera Prima) to the Cubadisco 2006, where unfortunately they have not succeeded in winning any prize. The concerts of the group are always full every day, and as themselves they tell in a track, are always closed for limit of capacity (Cerrado por capacidad).

 In 2008 the group, after a tour in Europe, was changed totalyy. Edoardo Mora and Dj Tony go to Miami while Jorgito and Damian return to Cuba and they form a new group of reggaeton called Los Salvajes (Los Cuatro)