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The group was born from an idea of its musical producer and general manager Oneilys Hevora Díaz in which we can appreciate the Cuban Reggaeton with influences of the musical genres of the Caribe and other international rhythms. Hevora Díaz is a talent among the young Cuban musicians and with his 24 years it already enumerates 10 years of musical career among the artists of rap that today the academy of the Latin music has denominated urban music, where they are gathered the musical genres that space from the rap to reach the reggaetón.

“Hi friends we are Los Tres Gatos (Oneily, Rocko y Leo Brito). Our music is started in the Cuban capital 8 years ago where we were born and we live. We make music for young people and for whoever wants to dance and to have a good time! In our page of myspace you can know more about us and to listen to our tracks. Thanks for the support.”

“In this moment we find us in a very creative professional phase and we keep on making music to make to have a good time and to dance. Thanks for the success that have made us to reach!”

CONTACTO-CONTACT E-Mail Oficial: leonelbritorod@gmail.com

Cellphone CUBA  (53) 5 2516433