La Fres-K

 La Fres-K


LA FRES-K ( 2009 )

The Rap talks to female one.

She had not arrived in the finals in a contest of Hip Hop Music in Cuba, however her didn’t care it, without thinking to nothing she introduced her into this festival, for this reason it is La Fres-k.

Among the meanings that  “Fresco” adjective has in Spanish, there is the meaning of “almost cold” and “just made”, but here is also that of insolent or audacious, that is of a direct person and which not created many problems to make the things that like in her life. La Fres-k tells in his song to the rappers that also the women are present in this world and that didn’t matter if they call her “the crazy”,  but she prefers the rap to the domestic matters.

Its true name is Arisnubia Martínez Lores and she was born to Guantánamo in the East of Cuba. In the same Guantanamo he has created his first cd entitled Simplemente Fres-k (2003), recorded then in the studies of the EGREM (Habana) and in The L@B (Madrid). The cd contains many tracks and almost in the whole cd, the singer describes herself like making to intend that it is an indipendent woman, with not really a very female language, but that proclams with pride its Caribbean origins and that it comes for saying its opinion on the fact to be women in a society that today it doesn’t finish to be very sexist yet.

Before being a singer of Rap, the Fres-k has studied theater, she has made sport to professionistic level and she has worked as model, but al last her vocation has always been the music. She has begun in 1999 as singer in a group of Rap that after a little time, decide to abandon.After having belonged to another group and to have formed a duet with a singer to belong to the Team Cuba. Still it is not satisfied of all these musical experiences and it decides to undertake the solo career and it has fortune. Some Spanish producers listen to her and they decide to bet on her and they produce the first cd of  La Fres-K is named in the cathegory rap / dance / hip hop to the Cubadisco 2005.

Since when it has begin her solo career, La Fres-k  is made immediately to notice thanks also to the fact that in the Cuban movement of the rap the female presence is minimum and that she comes with very strong texts to remark the value or the women.

A thing that surely he has had a lot of importance in the career of La Fres-k it is the collaboration done with other artists. We don’t know which could be the collaboration most important, however we remember traks like Fiesta, La Vida no es Nada  y Cambio de profesión. In the first one it participates with the portorican group  Bases Llenas and the members bring all their Caribbean sonority. In the second track partecipates the guitarist of flamenco José Jiménez El Bocadillo. In the third la Fres-k makes a duet with a real live monument of the traditional Cuban music like is Eliades Ochoa. Among the two artist is born a stupendous mix of traditional music and rap that without doubts it is the best track in the cd.

This experience with artists already affirmed makes to understand that la Fres-K gives  the best of itself that valorize its melodious abilities and its rhytmes

Currently (2009) La Fres-K has changed his musical genre (as many artists of Rap) converting herself in a reggaeton singer and between 2008 and  2009 she has recorded many solos tracks some with the collaboration of other artists of the genre as the famous track Aqui Nadie Quita A Nadie with the group Gente De Zona.