El Chacal

 El ChacalEl Chacal

EL CHACAL – 2009





Born on February 8th, 1986 at Habana City, Cuba. Exceptional musician and artist, is one of the leaders of the urban movement in the island of Cuba, founder of the school of Cuban Hip Hop at the beginning of the years 90. Often present in cultural and musical activity sharing his formation and experience with thousand of admirers. In the year 2003, when he just finished his studies begins its professional career, and decides to form a musical project called Los Chavos together with Sr. Rodríguez, where he continues to develop  his vocation of author and interpreter.

After three years of concerts around in the provinces and the town of Cuba, he has called from the prestigious musical producer and artist Baby Lores, to belong to the famous group Clan 537, belonging to the artistic catalog of Empresa Benny More. In less than 6 months they are converted in the numbers one of the preferences and of the market in Cuba, introducing herself in more than five hundred (500) locals in the island of Cuba and it record 3  productions, with the Clan 537, are also guest to a lot of shares with artists of the genre Cubaton as Yulien Oviedo, El Insurrecto, Eddy-k and many others.

In 2009 decides to launch himself as solo and independent artist, immediately signing with the company Hitown Entertainment. Together they launch her first record production Reporte, and begin to make a lot of apparitions as invited among which we remeber Charanga Habanera and Haila Maria Mompie. Jumping the talent and the good job done thin to today, El Chacal is one of the Cuban artists of the genre Cubaton with the greatest international projection.