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BLAD MC – 2009



Blad MC was born in the province of Las Tunas but is resident at Havana City. A lot of people begun to know him thanks to his apparitions with Elvis Manuel in 2007, but its career of singer already begins in 1996 and Blad MC sings from when it was only 14 years old. It begins as singer of Rap and Hip-Hop, collaborating with a lot of famous Cuban artists as Paporecords and the singers of the group Orishas. The Movement of the Cuban Rap in this times was not very known and had a very small slice of public. Blad MC begins his first  steps in 1998 in a period in which the Cuban Rap didn’t almost have popularity and for the Cuban rappers to change genre it almost seems like a betrayal more than a choice of job. Blad Mc so abandons the idea to be singer for a few years up to that in 2002  begins “the wave” of the reggaeton to international level and obviously also in Cuba where many boys began to form groups or to record passages with his personal computers.

In these years Blad MC forms a group called From Caribe but it was very difficult to emerge and it often decides to leave the music for then to return to try later in a few months without never obtain big results. In the 2005 Blad MC knows the musical producer Javier Conde (known as DJ Conds) and begins a new era musical for the singer. His first tracks they were not still known from the great public, the quality was improving a lot thanks to the help of Dj Conds and Blad MC forms a group with Luisito, a singer that worked with Yumuri y sus Hermanos. However the group make a lot of apparitions in the Cuban Tv, Blad MC doesn’t reach the success probably for the wrong concept that himself had about this genre of music, that had to be similar to that portorican reggaeton. At last he realizes that the Cuban public likes to listen to music that speaks of the daily things of the Cubans and not of the other countries. Blad MC musically separates from Luisito and it begins to compose a lot of tracks like passages as Laura, Agachate, Quienes Son. So it knows Elvis Manuel with which it sings a track called El Chulo that it was successful at Cuba and also in th Cuban communities present  to the foreign countries.

In 2006 partecipates to the International Festival of the Rap of Cuba and it wins as best Cuban rapper in the category Texts and Scenographic Production and after with the collaboration of Yulien Oviedo forming the group called La Union bringing tracks to the success as Se fue Por El Dos (El Trio), Tu Foto, Mi Fanatica. Currently Yulien Oviedo seems to have left the group and Blad MC is working to his solo cd that should be titled El Verdadero MC.