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Yoandy Lores was born on December 27, 1983 to Cienfuegos. In 1994 and for 8 years is member of the prestigious group of children called Ismaelillo, of his native earth where he has moved his first steps as: guitarist, vocalist, and pianist.

Afet few months it enters to belong member oft he group José Miguel y su Balanza and in 2003 it begins his work as musical manager, composer and arranger of the Orquesta Mercedes y su Aché, bringing with his talent and his professionalism to the repertoire that today the group Sabrosura Viva proposes. In the same year it join in the group Cubanos en La Red as singer and arranger.

In 2004 it begins as musical manager of the group La Formula, shortly after it creates the project of reggaetón named Clan 537, and so he succeeds in placing his tracks among the first places in hundred of channels radio and video of Cuba, Latino America and Europe. With  Clan 537, together with the Insurrecto, begin to become famous and to become an example for all the artists of the genre reggaeton in Cuba. Adriano Tota, an Italian producer, begins to be her international producer, and opens the doors to “break down” to the foreign countries.

How producer has worked for motions groups among which: EDDY K, PEOPLE DE ZONA, ACENTO LATINO, AZUCAR BAND Y ENERGÍA TOTAL.

Among the various experiences there is a contract with Sony Music for a featuring with Eddy K, The FRESK, BASES LLENAS and YULIEN OVIEDO at the studios of EGREM of Cuba.

He has worked as producer and arranger of the CD of Cubanos en the Red, has worked with Edesio Alejandro and there is scheduled in a new musical project with the

Charanga Habanera.
Baby Lores has also interpreted many tracks of the sound track of the picture La Edad De La Peseta and he has collaborated with various exponents of the genre Cuban Reggaeton.

The work and the figure of Baby Lores has been recognized in many programs in Spain, Center América and United States.

At the end of 2007 it decides to separate in his work, from the Insurrecto and to continue his career together with El Chacal, other very strong exponent of the Urban Rap gernre in Cuba, and after few months, for pure commercial and advertising purpose, it return  again musically him with Insurrecto creating the group Los Reyes del Trono, a record production that has sold in all over the world thousand of copies.

From March 2009 it decides to continue the solo career and it travels in Spain and Italy to program his first international tour in Europe.

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