Los 4 ( Los Salvajes )

 Los Salvajes




Los Salvajes (also known as Los Cuatro) are the group that previously had the name Eddy-K. In the month of March, 2008, the group was in tour in Europe and 2 members of the group (Edoardo Mora and Dj Tony) decide to not return in Cuba anymore and currently they reside in Miami. The others two members of the group, Damian and Jorgito (also known as Jorge JR)  form a new group together with the new singer El Principe and to the dj Don Metra, that initially had the old name Eddy-K for then to become Los intocables, then still Los Cuatro (which is the real name of the group) and finally Los Salvajes (name that seems to be the preferred by the public).

The group reach the success very soon and in few months tracks like Igualito, Señorita Intelectual and Motorola have quickly reached the top hit of the young Cubans and of the numerous foreigners that crowd the island in his holidays. Numerous they are the collaborations with other groups of reggaeton among which Codigo 113, Jacob Forever, El Micha y Yulien Oviedo and various presences in the P.M.M, Parties, for which together with the group Codigo 113 have recorded the track Me Gusta Pmm, promo video of  this group of animation. Currently, after only one year of artistic life of the group, and after having finished their first summer tour in Europe, they are already among the most famous groups of the genre, and in the peak ot the classifications with the track Tu Sabes Mi Nombre. The group is collaborating to a series of featurings (collaborations with other groups) among wich  with Bamboleo,  Charanga Habanera and Los Van Van.