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About the life of Elvis Manuel Nodarse we don’t know too much. Emerged to 17 years old in 2007 together with Dj Jerry with a track that was a success in Cuba , La Tuba, he has begun a short career that for about one year has taken him in the peaks of popularity for all the young Cubans. Tracks like La Mulata, Dejala, El Di Tu and Te la tengo Reservada they were real success. Elvis Manuel has also been successful for the words used in his tracks that often had a real Cuban slang, that united to words to double sense they have made his music very catchy. Elvis for this way to make music, has often been forced to perform “hidden” and in concerts “not officials” or as  a guest of other groups.

His last track has been recorded in 2008 with Javier Voltaje and is entitled Esa Mujer. After this experience, in April of 2008, Elvis Manuel has tried to escape toward the sea to Miami (together with his mother and to his friend Dj Jerry). Unfortunately the trip has not had the hoped result. One of the two boats disappeared and of Elvis Manuel and all the other occupants of the boat there were not news anymore. The mother of Elvis and Dj Jerry that they were on the other boat they were saved and they have returned to Cuba. We don’t have other possibility that to remember Elvis Manuel that however it had only a year of musical career is still listened by many Cuban young people.