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Osmani Garcia is a young Cuban singer/songwriter who felt the need to share their feelings and concerns through the interpretation of their songs at the National Festival of Cuba. He reached several awards in various categories when he was just 19 years old form then he starts singing professionally.

Founded in 2001, “El Duo de Cristal” performed songs from their own inspiration and fusing the Cuban music with international pop, they play in three national tours throughout Cuba to expand they’re music and placed on the first place in the charts in radio and TV enjoying great popularity in the country. The achievements in they’re career are they’re participation in youth programs transmitted nationally and internationally as “A Moverse” “Super 12”, “De mi pa ti”, “Mezcla.

The themes like “Mujer quien eres tu” are the prove of the preference of the public, that song is positioned at the top of the pop charts of various radio and TV programs from their Cuban launches. Likewise, “Mujer” this song was use for promotional campaigns in the media by the international day for women and mothers from 2005 to date.

In the early 2006 he integrates the Band of Paulo FG and Elite performing in the incredible scenery of Havana, Varadero and the rest of Cuba, this same year he also performed in the “Festival Internacional de Cali en Colombia” in that time he share the stage with “Maelo Ruiz” having a great acceptance by all the audience present.

His writing and composition, the versatile voice, capable of sing various genres, have give him the opportunity to share the stage with some great Cuban artist such as Chucho Valdes, Van Van, Tata Guines, Charanga Habanera, Gente d ‘Zona, Jose Luis Cortes and NG, Manolito Simonet and many others.

In 2008, Osmani Garcia created his own project developing and perform his unpublished works producing most daring songs and dance genres, the musical production of his latest creations have been in charge of the talented musician-DJ “Nando Pro.” Jose “El Pillo” in this project as a singer bringing his experience and doing a unique duet as a complement the work with Armando Pelaez as a guitarist and Roly Stereo as a DJ and background vocals.

Live performances are distinguished by many rhythmic variations. Recreates Cuban music genres today, in the ballads, salsa, cha cha cha, regeton the guaracha and Caribbean rhythms.

There’s two videos clip “No es culpa tuya” and “Nada contigo” from his latest album. The image that projects the group is young, fresh, hot and uninhibited.