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Acento LatinoAcento Latino  





Elier Martínez Noriega: born in the City of Santa Clara, on October 1st, 1981 General and Musical Manager. Guitar, Bass, author, composer and interpreter. Principal voice, second voice and rapper.

William Lara García: born in Havana city of the Havana on August 15th, 1984 Choreographer, author, composer and interpreter. Principal voice, second voice and rapper.

Isvany Ciscal Pérez: born in the city of Saint Clara on September 21, 1981 Arranger and pianist, author, composer and interpreter. third voice

Yainel Feitó Bello: Born in Havana city on May 11th, 1979 Drummer, author, composer and interpreter. Second voice and rapper.


Is a musical group composed by 4 elements. Founded one February 16th, 2003 in the city of Saint Clara, Cuba. All the elements founders are still integral part of the group. Concern to their musical genre, the group is identified in the job on the base of the Latin music, mixing his “cubania” style with other rhythms. This type of music has countersigned them as one of the best groups of the “Cuban reggaeton”, as the fusion of his four splendid voices of the singers has also made them famous in the genre “balada.” The group has worked with prestigious artists and musicians like Juan Antonio Leiva and Lester Hamlet, this last has been the creator of the first videoclip of the group called “Esa mujer.” The group is maintaining in peak to the preferences of the public in these years ,through the Rradio and the Cuban Tv, and often the group has been recognized among the groups leader in the fashion by the Tv program “Piso 6” direct from Joel Guilian,  that directed also the new videoclip of the group called “Aquí estaré.” Some of their tracks have been present in compilationa of Latin music published to the foreign countries and their hit “Tú amigo soy yo”, it is the sound track column of the program of the Cuban tv “Terapia de grupo. “


Tracks like “Mi mango“, “Apretaíto“, “Vamonos de fiesta“, “Aquí estaré“, “Esa mujer” , “La montañesa“, “Bandolera“, “Déjala que llore” , “Tu amigo soy yo“, ” La cosquilla de Maria” and “Voy a alejarme de tí have been the greatest hits of the group at Cuba in the last years. “Vámonos de Fiesta” is the most popular track of the group that has brought them in peak of the charts on Radio and Tv and has made them know to the international public.

Currently (2009) the group is working under the production of the Dj Javier Conde, better known as Dj Conds and among the last successes we remember ricordiamo La Gargantilla, Te Gusto Yo and Dimelo.