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El grupo “Gente de Zona” se separa !

Gente de Zona

Llegan noticias en la red de parte de fuentes muy cercanas al grupo que los dos integrantes del famoso grupo de reggaton cubano GENTE DE ZONA tuvieron una discusion y uqe dos integrantes del grupo “Nando Pro” ( el Dj ) y Jacob Forever salieron del grupo haciendo un nuevo projecto llamado “La Mafia Musical“. Hasta ho no sabemos si el grupo regresara a ser lo de antes y con cual integrantes, pero personas muy cercanas al grupo parece que confirmaron todo..

No es la primera vez uqe pasa algo similar con grupos cubanos pero es muy raro esto porque la agrupacion se fue hace pocos dias de europa y tuvo una gira muy exitosa donde parecia que todo iba super bien

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Recarga – Ricarica – Recharge

Recarga/ Ricarica/Recharge & Cubamania TV

Cubamania Tv


From Enzo and Francesco Bove CEO Management of Salsamania Entertainment Inc.

 Dear friend

To celebrate the incoming event of the decade from the creation of, the first Italian portal to the world for visits that promotes the Cuban music and the Cuban culture, after the successes of Salsamania Radio Television Entertainment Inc with ours Radio and Television channels, we have decided to launch a new innovative thematic channel in digital quality. Today it is born in collaboration with the  Streamit: Cubamania TV

 Cubamania TV is a thematic television channel devoted to Cuba, where it’s possible to watch videoclips of every kind of Cuban Music, from that anthological to that contemporary, from  the salsa to the reggaeton, documentaries on the Cuban landscapes, interviews to the greatest Cuban artists and naturally different multimedia contents, curiosity and all that will help you to know and to discover the greatest and beautiful island of the Caribbean. The planning of the channel will be devoted  entirely to Cuba, with a various programs, fizzy and “colored” and naturally…Caribbeanto 100%!

 Streamit is one of the most interesting realities in the world of the Web TV. Among the great novelties of this promising society, there is the choice to transmit “Live” some sporting and musical events with a success of listening and quality and with a speed of the images comparable to the traditional television channels. You can also watch your preferred channel to full screen mode (whole screen) with a quality ever seen also before on the web comparable to the Home LCD Televisions, without having a very powerful computer, with a simple connection to internet DSL.

 From the meeting about Streamit and Salsamania Radio Television Entertainment Inc is born Cubamania Television: all about Cuba with a simple click. At the beginning we will transmit for some months our transmissions and if the listening will be satisfactory, we will consolidate the our partnership in definitive way.

 We remember you that from Salsamania Entertainment Inc, is forbidden to download any contents and we don’t sell any product. Our intent is only to promote totally free the Cuban Music and the Cuban Culture.

 Today is born a new web site totally devoted to Cuba:

After the successes of Salsamania Radio Television Entertainment of , the first portal in the world in the promotion of the Cuban music and after , the first Italian Portal devoted to the Cuban reggaeton, today there is a new creation for you. With the birth of Cubamania TV, it is also born contemporarily the new web site  a web  portal totally devoted to Cuba with all the informations, the news, the videos about the greatest island of the “Caribe”. It will be also available, as soon as possible, the new page of Facebook named, that goes to increase ours other pages on Facebook Network (, Salsamania Radio TV, Salsamania Italia, that counts in total around 5000 members

 Here you find listed the direct links to ours novelties:

 Direct Link to Cubamania TV from our player of -16:9 High Quality mode.

 Direct Link to Cubamania TV (Full screen mode) on Streamit portal

 Direct link with the informations about Cubamania TV Channel, with all instructions detailed for the use (Italian- Spanish)

Informations to download about Cubamania TV Channel with all instructions detailed for the use  in Italian, English and Spanish language. (files to download in pdf format)

Direct Link to web portal

New Facebook Page of


Best regards – Enzo Bove CEO Manager Europa – Francesco BOVE CEO Manager America Latina and USA.



Osmani Garcia Tiene 8 Nominaciones A Los Premios Lucas 2011



Osmani Garcia

Alexander de Gente de Zona canta con Los 4 ! – Video Cortesia de P.M.M.

Los 4 con Alexander